Open Letter to Donald Trump : Please convince Mr. Macron to not welcome Jihadists back

Dear Mr. President,

Your French counterpart Emmanuel Macron has been a good ally of the United States and we, the French people, do care very much about having good, strong, deep-rooted relations with our dear American friends.

In April, you will host Mr. Macron for the first state visit to the United States under your presidency and this is a great honor.

France has been islamist jihadists’s main target in Europe for several years. Hundreds have died and many more have been wounded.

After the latest attack in Trèbes during which heroic Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame swapped himself for one woman taken hostage by the terrorist and later died from his wounds, French Minister Christophe Castaner announced that the French government “preferred to welcome Jihadis who are coming back from the Middle East” with a view to “better monitoring the threat”.

We, as a group of French citizens, among them people who served France and the dear cause of Freedom for very long, don’t want such criminals anywhere near us, and anywhere near anyone else.

That’s why we ask you, please, to convince Mr. Macron not to let these jihadists fly back to France.

The current level of the terrorist threat in France has never been so high, and France cannot afford the risk of suffering from any new murderous vicious attack.

As our intelligence agencies are being overwhelmed by the “mission impossible” of securing France inside a no-border European Union (EU) – a complete nonsense, France is unable to cope with any addition to the current magnitude of the threat.

Welcoming any new terrorist on our soil is not an option.

The life of many French people is at stake, and so is the very core of our democracy.

Mr. Trump, please convince Mr. Macron to renounce his decision to welcome jihadist terrorists back to France.

Thank you and long live the French-American friendship.

Signed humble French citizens and proud Freedom Fighters.


Le Politique has been asked to publish this open letter and accepted to do so, for the very sake of Freedom.

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